By Marcus

5 May 29, 2019

Miguel’s Strategies Helped Us Grow Our Business

The biggest benefit we've experienced since moving to Zoho One is having the power of an enterprise level suite of productivity software for a ridiculously low cost. I'm amazed every day at the new tools being added at no additional charge. One day I may even have the time to use them all. Zoho has improved how we run our business. We use it to manage and automate our sales, marketing and accounting processes. It’s helped us reduce process time and ensure that our team provides our clients a consistent experience. VBS IT Services is heart driven. Not once have I been made to feel like the source of the problem, even though many times it's 100% been user error. Their empathy and genuine caring creates an environment where I feel comfortable asking them anything. If you're wondering if you should choose VBS IT Solutions as your IT managed services provider, the answer is yes. Miguel creates a personal relationship with each and every client, and it feels like this new family he's made me a part of keeps growing bigger at every appreciation event he throws. Marcus Dickinson President How to Project